MEANZ objectives are fairly broad to cover likely future needs but the basic two are
     a)    To set guidelines and national standards relating to model engineering activities.
     b)    To represent and further the interests of the members on a national basis.

Model Engineering Association of New Zealand (MEANZ) grew out of the two Associations that had been formed earlier in the
North and the South Islands.

The South had been first on the scene, and was mainly to coordinate the various meets and to promote standards to facilitate interchange.
NAMES was formed to discuss standards and help provide a 'national' voice in the interface with Government Agencies.
To consolidate this 'voice', in mid 1995 all clubs had been circulated with a proposed set of Constitution and Rules and invited to a
meeting at Taupo over 17,18 June 1995. This saw the birth of MEANZ (Incorporated 28 September 1995) and it was not long before
other clubs decided to back the Association, and become members.

All active Model Engineering, and Live Steaming, Incorporated Societies within NZ are now involved.

The full Constitution and Rules for all Incorporated Societies can be accessed in the 'Companies Register' at www.companies.govt.nz